pátek 31. července 2009

dva citaty o pristupu co mne zaujaly

Jsou v komentari ;-)

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  1. "A person with a skeptical mentality finds very difficult to trust a genuine master, even after having met him and received the revealing pith instructions. A strong fascination with critical questioning and analyzing prevetnts one from following the approach of a simple meditator and from gaining an immediate certainty about the profound nature of emptiness, the basic wakefulness that is very heart of all the buddhas. Due to these reasons some people find much greater benefit from the analytical approach of a scholar through which doubts and lack of understanding can be gradually cleared away."

    Repeating the Words of the Buddha

    "You might wonder why you cannot practice day and night like the masters of old, although you have recognized awareness wisdom? It is simply because you do not truly believe that awareness is the enlightened mind of the Buddha, you do not trust that awareness is really endowed with all enlightened qualities. Furthermore, you lack diligence and renunciation. All these shortcomings are utterly your own faults, and not shortcomings of awareness. Your Buddha nature and the Buddha nature of the masters of old are identical. But you are simply not as qualified as the masters of old and that's your own fault. You lack faith in the Buddha nature, trust in the law of cause and effect, renunciation, diligence and compassion. The Buddha nature itself is free from all defects and endowed with infinite qualities. But still you do not believe in it. You do not treasure it in the way the masters of old did. This is due to your lack of faith.

    You act as if everything is permanent. You say that you believe in former and future lives but you actually don't. You ignore the law of karma and the suffering of the three lower realms. You are not really convinced that there is liberation and enlightenment. You don't trust that a short glimpse of genuine awareness is endowed with all infinite qualities of the Buddha.

    If you would have real faith in your own awareness, you would also practice day and night, just as all the former Siddhas did. If you want to become like the masters of old, you must practice like them. Through genuine faith in your Buddha Nature, you will enter into sincere practice; you will stop wasting your time. Practice for the sake of others day and night. Practice the quickest path to enlightenment, the recognition of awareness wisdom. That practice takes you beyond karma and impermanence. The Buddha nature has five outstanding qualities: It is pure [gtsang], unchanging [bdag], blissful [bde ba], eternal [rtag pa] and sublime [dam pa]. It is beyond impermanence, free from any changes. Once a yogin or yogini has attained stability in the recognition of awareness, he or she is beyond impermanence. He or she remains at all times in the continuity of the Dharmakaya."